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Access APT-Accredited training, post-course resources, membership, and exams to uprate your accreditation from the Association for Psychological Therapies.

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This course will take you through the most critical elements of engaging your patients. Even with the best tools and training in the world, if we can't properly connect with and engage our patients, we won't be able to help them.  Read More

In this distance learning module from APT, you'll learn about evidence-based practice, practice, based evidence, and how to use them to help monitor and track the progress your patients make.  Read More

In this independent learning module from APT, we'll be talking about the functions our patient's problems serve for them. We'll look at hunches and ABC Analysis, attention-seeking behavior, depression, functions intrinsic to behavior, and the importance of verifying that there aren't underlying physical causes.  Read More

In this distance learning module from the APT, we'll be looking at the different elements you should include in every therapy session. This allows you to provide the same quality of service to all of your patients, every time they see you and creates a structure they can use and rely on.  Read More

In this Free Sample Module from the Higher Order Therapies course, we'll be talking about exactly what higher order therapy means, who this course can benefit, and how to use this format of distance learning.  Read More

Online Motivational Interviewing training from the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT). Includes APT accreditation, certification, and resources. Based on Miller and Rollnick's latest book, this course describes an organised way of helping people to recognise their problems and to do something about them. Principally it addresses behaviour about which the client has mixed feelings: drinking and substance misuse for example, but a surprising array of common mental and physical health problems as well. Issues from taking psychoactive medication through to eating more healthily can all be addressed using motivational interviewing. Read More

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