- ACT Essentials (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) -

18 modules


Dr William Davies



ACT moves away from focusing too closely on ‘symptom reduction’ towards teaching how to live in a stable and rewarding way. So it teaches how to get in touch with your values, how to act in accordance with them, how to be aware of ‘the you that is always there’, how to see your passing thoughts and feelings for just that, how to accept thoughts and feelings you don’t like without over-struggling with them, and so how to live mainly in the present.

The APT has mastered the delivery of ACT training 'online anytime'; providing top class training you can access right now or any time that suits you. No longer do you have to wait for 'the start date' of the course.

"I really enjoyed the course and feel that I have learnt a lot and feel enthusiastic about using my newly acquired skills within my practice."

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) training from the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), includes APT accreditation, certification, and resources. And the APT has perfected the art of delivering it in a way that makes it appear simple and easy to apply.

"Great training, really interesting and well structured."

With a wealth of clinical experience, Dr William Davies presents the course with relevant stories and examples of using ACT and an engaging lightness which perfectly complements the radical nature of the therapy.


"I am delighted by this course. Dr Davies and his dry wit have been wonderful companions. Will buy and undertake others."

This course gives you a thorough introduction to ACT, it is APT-accredited, and gives you access to important resources for you to use post-course. Whether you simply want to broaden your knowledge or become a committed ACT practitioner, this course is for you. The course can be studied by teams or individuals and can also be completed as part of The APT Diploma in Psychological Therapies.

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The ACT Essentials course covers a great deal:

  • The differences between ACT and traditional cognitive behavioural therapy. Noticing, accepting and embracing thoughts and feelings, including unwanted ones, and taking action on them.
  • Getting in touch with "self-as-context" - the part of you that observes and experiences but is different from the part of you that has feelings, sensations, and memories.
  • Clarifying personal values and acting in accordance with them, thereby enhancing the quality of one's life.


  • The idea that the normal human state is one of distress, rather than distress being pathological.
  • Experiential avoidance, cognitive entanglement, and psychological rigidity, all of which may prevent one from acting in line with one's real values.
  • The FEAR acronym as a summary of what causes us problems:
    Fusion with your thoughts
    Evaluation of experience
    Avoidance of your experience
    Reason-giving for your behaviour
  • And the ACT acronym that summarises a more adaptive way of behaving:
    Accept your reactions and be 'present'
    Choose a valued direction
    Take action
  • Cognitive defusion: Learning how to overcome the natural tendency to regard our thoughts, images, emotions, and memories as sacred.
  • Acceptance: Accepting our thoughts and allowing them to come and go without fighting them.
  • Awareness of the here and now, experienced with openness, interest, and receptiveness.
  • Observing the self: Accessing a transcendent sense of self, the ever-present part of you that observes and experiences.
  • Values: Finding out what is most important to you and having clarity on it.
  • Committed action: Acting responsibly in line with your values.



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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate APT Accreditation, Level 2 (18 hours CPD)

Learning Credits

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An Overview of ACT
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The ACT Hexaflex
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Case Formulation
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Aims of Session 1
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Contact with the Present Moment
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How to run session 2 onwards
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Creative Hopelessness
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Identifying and consolidating our values
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Self as context
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Practice Based Evidence
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Committed Action
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Who is ACT Suitable For?
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Applying ACT Reliably
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What have you earned by completing this course
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great course
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It was an amazing course
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Really enjoyed this course, so much information to learn
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Really helpful
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Fantastic course, I now feel I have good knowledge of ACT.
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