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In the Assessment Module, you'll learn or re-learn the importance of consistent, subjective assessment of the key factors that affect your patients, as well as strategies for conducting them.  Read More

In the Case Formulation Module from the APT, you'll learn about the 6 P's of case formulation; pre-disposal factors, precipitating factors, perpetuating factors, positive and protective factors and of course, the plan! Read More

In this module, we'll be talking about how to create a motivating vision for the patient to work towards, and the steps they will take to achieve it. Read More

In this distance learning module from the APT, we're going to talk about what consultation meetings are, why they're valuable, and how to structure them for maximum benefit.  Read More

In this distance learning module from the APT, we'll be talking about the practice of differentially reinforcing adaptive behaviour, so your patients are encouraged to do more of what is helping them, and less of what isn't. Read More

This course will take you through the most critical elements of engaging your patients. Even with the best tools and training in the world, if we can't properly connect with and engage our patients, we won't be able to help them.  Read More

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