Developing Good Mental Health in the Workplace

6 modules


Dr William Davies



This online course spells out what you can do to develop your own mental good health in the workplace, as well as that of your colleagues. As such it empowers everyone (managers and non-managers alike) to take good care of themselves. It covers (a) the major diagnoses in mental illness, (b) the 4 bases you need to cover to maintain good mental health and help others do so; and (c) how the material covered meshes with your workplace.

The course covers a great deal:

  • What constitutes mental health.
  • Mental illness: what is and is not mental illness, distressing everyday experience versus mental illness – is one more important than the other?
  • The complex brain: how it can – and does - pull us in conflicting directions.
  • How to develop your good Mental Health and wellbeing, and how to maintain it. The 4 bases we need to cover for good mental health.
    • Behaviour: what we do. This defines ‘our life’!
    • Biology: sleep; diet; exercise, illness, etc.
    • Surroundings: housing, social contacts, family, debts, etc.
    • Thinking: our mental life. Even if everything else is in order, we can still trip ourselves up!
  • Being a good colleague.
  • Spotting signs of problems in others.
    • Interacting helpfully with people who are having mental health problems.
    • Support from friends and family.
    • Helping the person to talk and think.
    • Empathy and validation.
    • Summary: the Do’s and Don’ts.
    • Sources of outside help.

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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate 3 hours CPD

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Welcome and Introduction
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What Constitutes Good Mental Health
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How to Maintain Good Mental Health
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Being a Good Colleague
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Where to from here
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Added 9 days ago, by Amandine
I really enjoyed the pace, the times of reflection, and the personnal notes.
Added 10 days ago, by Chloe
Really informative
Added 26 days ago, by Anonymous
It was really nice to have to coffee break reminders and music, that made me smile.
Added 26 days ago, by Anonymous
very helpful
Added 29 days ago, by Georgina
Very informative, thank you.
Added 30 days ago, by Carly
Added 3 months ago, by Amy
Great introduction to mental health concerns in the workplace. A really practical guide
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Enjoyed it
Added 4 months ago, by Angela
This course was very interesting, easy to listen to, informative and reinforced what I knew and broaden my knowledge base. I would recommend doing this course
Added 4 months ago, by Lydia
Thanks, really enjoyed this. Nice mix of knowledge and practical :)

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