Autism Awareness

9 modules


Dr William Davies



'Autism Awareness' is course for professionals who have little or no knowledge of autism and is designed to give them as much knowledge as is reasonably possible in 3 hours, so they feel less de-skilled when they meet autistic people and can apply themselves to helping in the most meaningful way.

It is the only Autism Awareness training that is APT-accredited and also gives you access to APT’s relevant downloadable resources for use post-course.

This short course is designed to raise your knowledge and awareness of the importance of autism and inform you about some of the key questions. Specifically:

  • Why is it important to know about autism?
  • How many young people have autism?
  • What effect does autism have on the person living with it?
  • What effect does autism have on friends and family?
  • What causes autism?
  • What happens for the person living with autism as they grow older?
  • What are the most helpful responses we can make?
  • What other help is available for those living with autism, and their families?


What you receive as a result of attending the training:

Each delegate will be registered as having attended the course and receive a certificate of completion.



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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate 3 hours CPD

Learning Credits

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What is Autism
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The Autism Spectrum and more
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Can it be prevented or treated
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How should I respond to someone with Autism
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How to help autistic people be the best version of themselves
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Helping to avoid problems
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The Final Countdown
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Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
A real helpful insight and useful information
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
A really excellent course, very informative and enjoyable.
Added 6 months ago, by Joanna
Really good overview of Autism
Added 8 months ago, by Isabel
I enjoyed this course as it offers recent research about Autism simply and clearly.
Added 12 months ago, by Andy
An excellent insight that encourages understanding and compassion.

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